Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Social Media

I am trying to figure out this whole social media thing. I've signed up for a Facebook page and a twitter account. Meandering Design can now be found on Facebook at It can also be found on Twitter as @Meander_Design.

I think I'm avoiding Linked In!

If you could like me on Facebook and find me on Twitter I'd greatly appreciate it. Right now Meandering Design is a little lonely out there in the cyber world. 

A Rolling Stone Gathers Moss

I have been going to events for the past couple of months that are hosted by an organization called Crave . It is such a supportive group of women entrepreneurs that I submitted an application to join. I was selected, but now I really have to get moving. As part of their package Crave puts your contact information up on a website and they also publish a book annually. I knew that I would have to fill out some information about MD in order to get my information up on the website. What I did not expect was a photo shoot? They are sending a photographer, who is another Crave member, to do a photo shoot. They will need a couple of shots of me and a couple of shots of the business.

Cue Panic! That was Sunday and on Tuesday I was contacted by a photographer who wanted to meet this week. Since I am currently temping I asked to meet with her in three weeks. I took a peek at her website and I am very excited to see what she will be able to do with me. I am not photogenic, unless you catch me mid-laugh. Someone may need to come over and tickle me while she shoots photos. I have come up with a couple of ideas for shots of the business.

At least I have a bit of time to clean up my workspace and make a couple more things for the photo shoot. I don’t want Mrs. Palmer to be naked.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I ordered a fat quarter bundle of Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo fabric. For those of you not in the know, a fat quarter bundle is a mixture of usually 4-5 different fabrics (usually from the same line so they are complementary) and they are each only a quarter yard long. Sometimes fabric is too expensive for a full yard, but the fat quarter bundles give you a little something to play with. And play I will. I came up with an idea last night that will incorporate a bit of new modern fabric with some of the old fabric. You will just have to wait to see it on the website. At first I was only thinking accessories and then I realized how I can make my fabulous idea branch out into skirts and then the sun was shining. Well, actually the sun was shining because I was walking down the street when I had my moment of brilliance.

I am working with a designer to create a logo, etsy banner, web banner, business cards and clothing tags for Meandering Design, or MD for short. I’ll just add that to the other initials behind my name! The plan is to have that done by May 1st so I can launch the summer line. So for now I am putting away my beloved tweeds and wool and focusing on summer. That has been much easier to do now that the Chicago weather is leaning into Spring.

Just to give you a taste of what I am thinking of- here’s a bit of my inspiration. 

The PurlBee did a wonderful write up of the Echo line. I want it all!